Today, Hepworth class did an exciting experiment to find out if we can see when there is no light.

We had various boxes that contained different objects, some shiny, some bright, some dull. We predicted which objects would be the most difficult to see when there was a small amount of light. Our choice of objects were: tin foil, jewellery, black marker, vibrant tennis ball, highlighter pen and whiteboard rubber.

We looked through a small hole in the box to see what we could see in different light levels and found out that when there is no light….you can’t see anything!

Unfortunately, the experiment did go a little wrong- as some of the boxes let in a tiny amount of light when they weren’t supposed meaning we could see the objects, but we learnt from it! Even a tiny amount of light can reflect off of objects so that we can see and the shinier the object, the more light it reflects, the easier it is to see!