Tagore and Delaunay’s newest crop of students had a warm welcome to their year 2 classrooms today.

The children made an exciting start to the term, sharing stories of our summer adventures and reconnecting with friends. They are already familiarising themselves with their new environment and staff, and everyone is looking forward to building on friendships and embracing their new topics.

Dawud: “I had lots of fun counting up to 100 with my class.”

Safa: “I liked looking at Delaunay’s artwork.”

Kadeejah: “I would like to get better at my handwriting this year.”

Yousef: “I am really looking forward to learning more times tables.”

Nahid: “I was excited to eat biscuits at the end of the day because it was my friend’s birthday. We sang happy birthday and gave him a card.”

Amira: “I liked reading time because I love books.”