This week in Forest School, we were particularly interested in the autumn leaves all around us. There were such a beautiful range of shades and tones as well as the usual differences in shape and size.

“There are so many leaves on the ground because it is autumn, you can hear them crunching when you walk.” – Nadiul

We collected the leaves that most caught our eye and arranged them into leaf art. Some of us tried to arrange the leaves by shade in our art creating beautiful gradient patterns.

“Shaded heart” I called it this because I arranged the leaves in a heart in order of their shade. – Natasha

At the end of the session we described our art to the group, explaining our choices behind our arrangements and the titles we gave our art.

‘The Depression Rainbow’ I decided to call it this because leaves fall from the tree like tears, but it is a rainbow because even through sadness you can find happiness. -Nuba