by Tabgila and Liam

At the end of last week, it was STEAM Day at our school. We could go to different classes to do different activities, and a lot of us enjoyed going to Mr Norman’s class to watch a lamb’s eye being dissected. Not everyone went because they felt a bit squeamish, but there were lots of other activities like making lava lamps, doing maths puzzles, science experiments, puzzles and using costumes to make movie trailers. It was all so fun.

Geography: In geography, we learnt about lines of latitude and longitude when we had to find four ancient civilisations on a map. Latitude and longitude are imaginary lines that run North-South and East-West around the world. The most important line of latitude is the equator, which is along the middle of the Earth splitting it into two hemispheres.

P4C: We chose to discuss evil in our lesson last week. It was the idea in our BIG question, and we tried to use our discussion poster to agree or disagree.

Reading: We were lucky to have a special visitor come in to our class to read during story time. We liked when he read a chapter from Planet Omar, and we were excited to look at all the new books he brought to the school.

Maths: We were partitioning and adjusting to make addition easier and more efficient. I think the whole class did very well, so we can be proud.

RE: We learnt about the most important things in Easter and Eid. After having discussions with the class and talking to our learning partners, we typed on the chromebooks – we love typing. We made questions and used Goggle Classroom to record them.