It might have been an unusual half term for all of us in Kapoor Class but I just want to take a moment to tell everyone just how proud I am. We may not have been together but everyone has worked so hard in all of their learning and have brought a smile to my face every single day!

Marvellous Maths

We have been up bright and early for our maths meeting every day at 9am. We have done some amazing work around number and have had lots of creative fun doing our learning. Here is a few examples.

Here we all are having a great cube race in our maths lesson.
Counting together with Farmer Pete
Rayan’s work on the number 6.
Liam’s work on the number 5.

Wonderful Writing

This term we have done so much amazing writing, we have been using our home learning books for all of our work so we keep up our writing skills across the curriculum. Here are a few great examples.

Ayshah wrote about the story Not Now Bernard and drew this amazing monster.
Ayshah also wrote this in her science work explaining why we choose materials to make things based on their properties.
Amaar has been practicing his phonics and his handwriting.
Maidah has done some great writing about what she thinks of jealousy in P4C.

Exciting Extras

We have also been up to lots of other fun things like making puppets, snowmen and drawing. Here is a few more great pieces of work.

Aaliyah’s Sponge Bob Square Pants drawing.
Radeyah’s Bird finger puppets.
Liam’s Snowman
Maidah’s happy dance with her little sister.

Wow, what a great term we have had. Well done Kapoor Class.