in 6B, four people known as Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, the Royal Guards and the three witches stand accused for murder of Gentle King Duncan!

The Jury, 6B, are trying to find out who is most guilty for Duncan`s murder. Classmates found they had more evidence to find the witches guilty such as they told Macbeth that he will be king which made him more interested.

Hafisa (The Judge) also said that the witches are guilty.The witches (Nusrat,Anasha,Zainab) were proven guilty by the Court. The Royal Guards were found not guilty by everyone. Lady Macbeth, who told her husband, Macbeth to murder King Duncan was found guilty by 8 people including Aminul and Nusrat in the picture below.

By Abiduz, Fauziya and Ramisa