Our classroom was such a mess!!

We had only stepped out of our classroom for 15 mins!

Tables were thrown on the floor, there were chairs every where and 2 Giant like footprints on the floor!!! (are Giants really real??)

In the middle of it all was a note that said URGENT!


We were very nervous when reading the note!
It said! Please help me! someone has stolen my things.

There was a clue! of course we had to help search for these things!

We searched and searched and found a golden egg, some gold coins and a golden harp!  On the back of our findings was another clue!!







What did this all mean?

It was from someone named Jack! and to thank us for helping he left us his story!

After the story we worked together tor recreate the scene jack and the Giant.

We explored plants by drawing them and printing with them.

We then painted the Giant, Jack and a castle.