Home Learning in Year 6

During this year, we know that many Year 6 children may have to isolate for two weeks and spend time away from their class so we are continuing to provide online learning for those that need it, when they need it. We learned a lot about online learning in the summer term and about what works well for our parents and the children.

We will continue to use Google Classroom, but we are also posting lots of learning on our website to make it more accessible. The school will provide you with a Home Learning Book, so that your child can keep their work safe and be proud of what they achieve. We will encourage you to share photographs of this work with your teacher through Google Classroom. Some work will be best completed online.

Our aim is to make this as accessible to parents and families as possible.

While you are at home, you will also get regular calls from a member of your class team so that we can work together to support you child while they are at home.

*Hadid Class: Please note that while Hadid Class is isolating as a group, learning will be posted every day on Google Classroom. Every day at 9:30, there will be a Google Meet scheduled to reflect on yesterday’s learning and plan for the learning ahead. The link to the Google Meet will be posted in your child’s Google Classroom page.

9:00 am Independent Reading Book (read independently and discuss the reading with an adult after)
9:20 am Spelling Shed (independent spelling practice on a device)
9:45 am Break
10:00 am Maths (may need some adult support)
10:45 am Break
11:00 am  Wider curriculum: History, PSHE or Science (may need some adult support)
12:00 pm Lunchtime
1:00 pm Class Reading Book (about 20 minutes with time for a discussion)
2:00 pm Use the other links for that little bit of extra learning
3:00 pm Submit any finished work through Google Classroom

8:15 pm reading independently or with an adult before sleep (children make better reading progress when reading with adults, even in KS2!)

Every child should read every day, whether at home or at school and it’s important to plan this in. Many children enjoy reading in their beds before they fall asleep or perhaps they get up early and enjoy reading then. While they are unable to attend school, it’s important that they continue to read every day and find time to do a bit extra. Perhaps straight after breakfast, or before they eat their lunch.

Independent Reading Book 
Please read your reading book for 20 minutes independently or out loud to someone at home. An adult should always try to discuss their child’s reading at the end of each session:
What has happened?
What do you think will happen next?
When you have finished reading your book, please complete your Accelerated Reader Quiz:
Class reading book

Use Google Classroom to find our what pages you should be reading at home.
Keep an eye on Google Classroom, as sometimes teachers might read some of the class book aloud on there.

Spelling Shed

Use the Spelling Shed for independent spelling practice on a device. If you need help logging in, please speak to a member of your class team.

Spelling Shed

Lexia Reading

Some children also have a Lexia Reading account. If you’re not sure if your child has a Lexia account, please ask a member of the class team.

To use on a computer, go to www.lexiacore5.com
To use on an iPad, download the free Lexia Core5 Reading UK app from the App Store


At Lansbury Lawrence, we use White Rose Maths to support our learning in  class and at home. There are videos that you can watch to help you support your child here:

White Rose Maths Home Learning

Because the school buys the worksheets, we cannot publish these on our website, but we have published them in your Google Classroom pages. If you need help accessing these, please speak to a member of your class team.

If you want to practise your timetable skills after your lesson, we’ve got accounts for all of Year 6 on Times Table Rockstars:

Times Table Rockstars

If you would like more detail on the maths learning, you can access our lesson by lesson overview below:

Lesson by Lesson Overview

Please find a selection of carefully chosen online lessons which link to our curriculum and what we’ll be learning this this half-term.

Autumn 1

 Autumn 2

Click here for our Art and Design Home Learning page

Here we’ve put other links that we think might interest your child and help you with your learning. These links are not chosen because they match closely with our curriculum, but will support those children who want to do a little bit extra.

BBC Bitesize

StoryTime Online (9-11 year olds)