Home Learning

Welcome  to our page pulling together all the support you need for Home Learning over the coming weeks. Many of the staff at Lansbury Lawrence are also parents and we understand very well the difficulties in providing Home Learning, while also working from home, or managing a busy family life. We have got better at Home Learning, but we are still improving all the time and any feedback you give us is very welcome!

There are four ways that we are supporting your child’s home learning:

Live Teaching: Classes in Years 1-6 have at least one Google Meet every day. This is a live lesson and it’s important that your child attends so that they get the benefit of live teaching but it’s also important that they get to spend some time with their friends and teachers while having to stay at home. The lessons are short as we’re trying not to overlap too much between year groups. We’ve found that wearing school uniform each day really helps with the children’s commitment to their learning online.

Year 1 – 9:00am and 11:40                              Year 2 – 11:00am (one longer meeting)
Year 3 – 9:20am and 12:30pm                        Year 4 – 9:00am, 11:00 am and 1:00pm
Year 5 – 9:40am and 1:30pm                          Year 6: – 9:40am and 1:30pm

Recorded Content: Some of what you see on the website or Google Classroom has been made by us for you to use when suits you.

Online Apps and Software: We’ve invested in several platforms for your children to use at home. We’ve tried to choose apps and software that doesn’t need much input from parents other than encouragement and a suitable device.

Third-party content sourced and checked by us: Sometimes these are full lessons with video content, for example the White Rose Maths and the Oak National Academy and sometimes these are interactive or viewable like the BBC Bitesize.

Home Learning Packs

You should have received a pack from the school to help you at home. This might include: an exercise book; an individual reading book; a whole class reading books; any passwords that you might need; and all sorts of resources for the younger children as we also need to help them with their coordination.

Google Classroom

Years 1-6 can find all of their learning in Google Classroom. This includes their daily live lessons. We have put some resources to help you to juse Google Classroom below.

In Reception and Nursery classes we don’t use Google Classroom as we think the children are too young to use it easliy. All of the learning for these children will be posted directly on to the Early Years home learning pages on the school website.

Mr McNerney has produced a really helpful guide to help parents: Download Mr McNerney’s Parents Guide to Google Classroom

Mr McNerney has also made six video guides shown below incase you don’t want to download the whole guide. Use the slider to scroll through all six videos: