We are all excited about being in a new class, and this is our first time writing a blog:

On our first day in year 3, we learnt about our famous class artist. His name is Hokusai and he lived in Tokyo, Japan. He painted a lot of paintings of the landscape around his home. In his artwork we saw mountains, trees, the sea, people fishing and different flowers. We closed our eyes and imagined the stories that Hokusai was trying to tell us.

My first day in year 3

Shazia: I had fun playing in the KS2 playground. It was a new experience.

Amara, Syeda, Ayath: We were excited to play with our friends again because we hadn’t seen them for a long time – I think it was 6 weeks.

Muhsina: I enjoyed assembly because I heard new things and it helped me be calm. I was nervous at the start of the day, but now I feel brave.

Taqwaa, Yahya C: After a relaxing holiday, I returned fresh and calm. I met my new teacher and teaching assistant. We had a tour because we are in a new part of the school building, and the class did some fun activities.