Hokusai class head off to Poplar Baths today for the last lesson of their intensive swim course. Every morning for the past 2 weeks, children have been attending swimming lessons from swimming teachers at the Better leisure centre.

They have plunged into their learning with great enthusiasm and everyone has worked really hard to improve their technique and confidence in the water, from those who already knew how to swim freestyle to those who had never swum before. It’s been fantastic to see how much the children have learned in a short time.

Swimming is an important life skill and a terrific way to keep your body healthy, one of our Year 3 topics. Here’s what the children had to say about their experience:

“At the start it was scary, but then after, it wasn’t scary it was fun”. Safiyyah

“Putting my face in the water made me a little scared but it was kind of fun.” Md Ayham.

Good luck to Hepworth Class who start their intensive swimming lessons next week.