Today we went to Manorfield Primary School to take part in the Philosothon to celebrate World Philosophy Day!

We started off with a name game using bean bags in order to learn each others’ names. After that, we watched a short clip called The Little Freak:

In this film, there was a boy who looked different from everyone else. The boy- for his birthday- wished to look “normal.”

Next, we worked with our partners to discuss what concepts or big ideas link to the stimulus. Here are the concepts and big ideas we came up with:

We linked the concepts to other concepts that were similar. For example, kindness and respect.

Then, we had to come up with a question that we wanted to discuss with the group. We thought about a first question, what it lead us to think and what it made us wonder:

Yusuf considering his philosophical question…

These are the questions that the group came up with. The question we all voted to discuss was question number 3:

The discussion was very interesting as we all had different opinions. Some people linked our question with history too.

Inayah deep in philosophical thinking during the discussion…

At the end of the discussion, we identified that normal and difference have multiple meanings, depending on your identity.

Our reflections:

Yusuf- You shouldn’t judge people based on their background because you should treat people how you would like to be treated. Also, first impressions are very important!

Inayah- I think that people should not judge other people because people may not feel included and feel bad about themselves.

We also received a certificate at the end:

A big thank you to Ms Saunders and Manorfield Primary School for letting us be a part of the Philosothon!