Wow! What a strange start to 2021! Hadid class have worked so hard over the past six weeks, and each and every one should be so proud of themselves.

Our topic this term has been World War II. We have studied how the conflict started and who was fighting on the allied and axis sides. We have learnt about Evacuees, The Holocaust and The Blitz.

These studies culminated in a piece of creative writing where the pupils were asked to imagine themselves living in London as bombs rained down around them. Here are a few pieces of their writing.


As part of our WWII topic, we also read the novel, Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. Each day we would read a section, and discuss and answer questions on the topic. Some of them really made us think!

Here we had a go at answering our questions on an online platform, called Padlet.


Together we planned and wrote a biography on the early years on Adolf Hitler, one of the world leaders during WWII.