What a fun day it has been!

We participated in three activities: archery, cycling and painting. We can confidently say that we excelled in all of them and had so much fun.

Archery was popular because we really wanted to get a bullseye – we (including the teachers) were so competitive. By the end of the session we were able to aim accurately. There were a few children who had ‘the eye’. The children are: Dylan, Bobby, Christopher and Mehnaz.

If you want any advice on how to be successful at archery, speak to Dylan because he was able to aim on target all the time.

Cycling was also great: nine children can now ride a bike. We enjoyed it so much that we asked Gavin to give us a chance to cycle again.

As it’s raining, we are playing games, reading stories and learning how to play the piano – we don’t want to leave.

Abdur, Faiza and Christopher.

Mehnaz reading us a story.

Sanjida’s painting.

Getting our hands dirty.

In the correct position.

Learning to cycle.

Getting the hang of it.

Playing in adventure playground.

Painting what we see.



Adding to Miss Lockhart’s painting.

Mrs Stevens’ work of art.


Miss Drummonds’ painting.

More artwork.