Today, we went to the Medicine Gallery at the Science Museum.

We had to complete a task where we had to find different objects in the gallery.

We also visited the pharmacy where we saw lots of different medicines. We had to think about the difference between medicine that existed years ago, and medicine that we would buy today.

We also played a game where we had to position the organs in the skeleton correctly.

One of the activities we had to complete was to explore the King’s fund model hospital. We also had to state which room was our favourite and why. Here are two examples:

‘My favourite room was the x-ray room because the x-ray looked cool and the beds looked very comfy!’ – Maidah

‘My favourite room was the kitchen because there would be yummy food!’ – Isa

My favourite room was the room with three beds because it looked very cosy!’ – Sadiya

‘My favourite room was the bathroom because there was a man inside, washing his hands and it looks real’- Aaryan

‘My favourite room is where the patients relax because it looks very amazing!’ – Juweriyah

‘I liked the whole model because all the figures and rooms looked realistic.’ – Kye