On Thursday, Hepworth Class were fortunate enough to go on a trip to the Olympic Village on Thursday. The awesome Mr Burke had kindly organised for us to participate in Run 4 Fun Daily Mile as a way of getting children into living healthy lifestyles.


The event started at 12:45pm, which meant that we’d miss lunch so Mr Islam organised lunch for us early. So here we are eating lunch at 11:30am! After eating lunch, we set of for Stratford, ready and wearing our PE kits.

As we entered the park, we noticed there were hundreds of other children there from all over the UK. The excitement slowly crept into our bodies, our hearts were beating faster and our breathing intensifying. We could see the huge stage in the distance and the registration desk ahead of us.. Ooooooooh this was nerve wrecking! Mr Islam rushed ahead, anticipating the queue and registered Lansbury Lawrence for the Daily Mile run.

He returned with registration numbers and t-shirts for us. THEY WERE PINK! Our favourite colour! Yayyyyy!


Before the start of the run, we were entertained with comedy and some background into why and how this all began. It was vert interesting and really inspired us to start doing more physically activities for at least 15 minutes every day.

We then did a mass warm up and we were ready to start. Off we trotted to the Start line.

On your marks… Get Set.. GO!

We had to run a WHOLE mile.


And the winner of the day, was of course, the one and only Mr Islam!

(NOT! He actually came last!)

Stay tuned for the video of our afternoon.. COMING SOON