This week, Kahlo class visited the Apple Store in Westfield for a hands-on with coding and robots!
When we arrived, we met JR who helped us move George around a table by giving him commands: move forward 5 steps, turn left…
Then we used iPads to play Swift – a coding app which allows you to move characters through challenging levels using code.

“I have never played on swift before but I really enjoyed it ”  Rayhan ( student)

After Swift, the team showed us the Sphero robots which are controlled using the EDU app on iPads. The robot is a sphere and can move in any direction at any speed!
Our challenge was to program the robot to move along a blue tape line: controlling the duration, direction and speed of each roll. (Videos below, password: lansbury)

Luckily, we received Apple badges, USB wristbands and certificates before we left.

Apple run similar workshops at the weekends for families (for free), and we definitely want to go back!