This week in nursery we have enjoyed building models in the construction area.

Suraya – This is my house, this is the stairs. In my house is my mummy, Suraya and my daddy too. My cousin too she just comes to visit. I like to play with my dollies.

Zain – That’s the school the children are inside. I like to play with all those stuff in school. Then the aeroplanes and helicopters camed and we see them outside. This is you and this is me.

Adam – This will be some stairs. We need some stairs in the house. We are going to make a big house, it’s so wobbly, it keps falling down.

Ella – In my house there is Mum, Cara and the cat. I like to play in my house with my toys. I got new boxes at home and my toys are in it. I got a doll at home.

After building our models some of us had a funny discussion. We thought about whether we would rather our homes be surrounded by water, snow or a jungle. We tried hard to use the word because to explain our ideas.

Amirah – A jungle because I like all the animals.

Zain – I would like this one because I like snow and making a snowman. You would need gloves.

Adam – I would choose a jungle. Some of the animals would be nice and friendly and good and some of them would be scary. I will tell my Mum to scare them away.

Milayah – I like the snow and my Mum likes snowy snowy. I like to make a snowman. I pick it up and throw it. It’s so cold you need to wear a jacket.