Since it has been chilly, we decided to create a poem on our senses but from the perspective of a snowman. We discussed what kind of things the Snowman would see, feel, taste, hear and smell. This was an interesting experience because we also learned about how our body functions diffrerntly during the winter.

Children are using their senses to explore the climate.

They stomped on the crunchy snow and used their senses to observe their environment:. They heard snow crunching; saw glistening snow; smelt fresh air; saw smoke coming out of our mouths and felt wet snow.

After that, children brainstormed adjectives for snow.

Next, Children wrote their poems using the adjectives they shared with each other. They did this without re-drafting which came out amazing!

Since children were extremely proud of their poems, we decided to display them to remind us of our love for literature. They also had fun drawing a picture to go with their poem too (we hope you like it!)

That is all from us for today!

Kapoor Class