On Friday we had a visit at school from Falconry UK. We met some amazing and beautiful Birds of Prey and learnt many interesting facts about these birds and how they survive in their environments.

First we met Sahara the White Faced Scops Owl and we learnt that owls can see things from a mile away and that there are nocturnal owls that hunt at night and diurnal owls that hunt during the day. White Faced Scops owls are diurnal owls.
We also met Rocco the Very Small Pygmy Falcon, Blu the Blue Winged Kookaburra, Branwen the Raven and finally we met Liberty the Milky Verreaux Eagle Owl who is a nocturnal owl.

Some other things we learnt are that Ravens are very intelligent birds and that Blue Winged Kookaburra’s wings are blue in order to camouflage themselves when they hunt in the water for their prey.
We really enjoyed our morning with these fascinating birds.

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