Our story this half-term was Goldilocks. Here, Zara is enjoying the Press, Play, Now Goldilocks experience. She is following the interactive story on the headphones and she is sleeping like baby bear.
Ishaq- or Daddy Bear – isn’t very happy!
Minh and Rihan are having lots of fun acting out Goldilocks.
We have been making story-maps for our story – Goldilocks. Here is a lovely example from Mahdi.
Sarah really enjoyed making her story-map and retelling the story.
Muniya is describing the Goldilocks setting. This is her cottage and forest.
Ryan also draws the cottage and says: ‘It has a chimney and a door and mummy is cooking porridge with some honey.’
We have been exploring our senses. Here is Mi’Layah using her sense of taste and trying something hot.
Sadid is trying the sour Lemon juice.
Hawa is smelling the toothpaste with her sense of smell.
On our senses walk we could see lots of tall buildings in Canary Wharf.
We have also been learning about growing up and how we have changed. Anaya has drawn herself as a baby and then as a big girl.
In maths we have been doing matching by colour. Sumayya is matching red with red.
Adyan is sorting by colour. He knows that it doesn’t matter if the item is different so long as the colour matches.
Caleb is making two sets. His rule is big and small.
Dawud is comparing amounts. He can find ‘fewer.’
Safa is exploring heavy, light and balanced.
We have also spent time exploring capacity. Md Arayan is finding the container which can hold the least.
Maraljin’s self-portrait.
Jethro – a self-portrait.
Nabil’s self-portrait.
Rebecca’s self-portrait.
Summer is matching numbers.
Md Adam Larbi is exploring the map of the world.
Uzair shares his baby photo. From when we were learning about growing up and how we have changed.