The focus of this week has been Anti-bullying.

As such, 6A have been busy creating their own play about bullying.

The play focuses on JJ. JJ has recently joined the school. When he goes outside for playtime, he accidentally finds himself in a spot of trouble. He has entered the spot claimed by the bullies. The bullies are extremely horrible to him, throw his book and tell him to leave. The teacher spots JJ and the bullies but does not realise what is going on. The next day, Sy and Ash show JJ around the playground. As they take him to the hill, they are approached by the bullies. This time, Ash makes the right decision: he tells the teacher about the bullying. The teacher then sorts the bullying and at the end, JJ and the bullies become friends.

We hope you enjoy the play. Remember: if you are being bullied, tell a teacher!

A huge thank you to Kian, Syeda, Ashfaq, Samina, Abdullah, Faheza, Sabrin, Raisa, Shakila and Ms Uddin!