Hello everyone, we have once again been doing some exciting things over here in Lichtenstein class!

Firstly, we have all been entered into a fantastic story writing competition for the Tower Hamlets area. The stimulus for our writing task is “I am not alone”. In order to properly prepare ourselves for our creative adventure we had a very interesting and compelling call with the author Helen Dennis!

She told us all about her life and her own journey to becoming an author and Lichtenstein class picked her brain with some brilliant questions.

Helen Dennis sharing her wisdom with us
Taking a closer look at how to create our stories with a Story Mountain!
I am not alone!

We also completed a fascinating task about the 5 Pillars of Islam.

In groups we created posters with all of our pre-existing and newly learnt knowledge surrounding the 5 Pillars of Islam. The results were tremendous.

Hard at work creating out posters!
Ahsana, Ayham and Hannah with their finished product!
Billy, Zeeshan, Fatima Z and Safiyyah with their colourful creation!

It has been another fantastic and particularly creative week in Lichtenstein class and we look forward to what our next week brings.