Hirst Class has had a very successful half term in spite of the challenges of learning remotely. Miss Wiley and I have been so impressed with the continued commitment to learning children have shown throughout this half term. Attendance for Goggle Meets has been outstanding and the volume of submitted work shows how important learning is to our children, families and school. A big well done to you all, we are very proud of you!

World War II

Our learning theme World War II was explored through reading Friend or Foe, Evacuees and The Holocaust. During our Google Meets, one session was a reading focus and we read the stories together as if we were in class. Taking turns to read and to listen to others provided excellent opportunities for rich discussions, questioning and writing activities. Here are a few fantastic examples of writing:

Children have been practicing their computer literacy and also maintaining high standards of handwriting. It is important to strike a balance of screen work and written to continue to develop writing stamina and support accurate spelling and grammar. We used Padlet to generate good vocabulary and shared write as well as to give whole class feedback.


In Maths we spent some time recapping Place Value and the four operations. It is important for children to be fluent with number facts to support challenging problem solving and formal calculation methods. Recently, we have supported children to make connections with fractions, decimals and percentages and are currently exploring algebra. To support learning remotely children have been given whiteboards and use online tools such as whiteboard.fi ,Learning By Questions and White Rose Maths.


We are proud of our wider curriculum and ensured children have continued to learn a range of subjects including French, P4C, Science, History, Geography and Music. Alongside written work, children have created art that was linked to World War Two such as posters and comic strips and we used oak academy lessons to support their science learning.