We have had a fantastic time in Year 2 over the last two months. Our topic has been ‘people who help us’ and we were so grateful to go on our first class trip to Poplar Fire Station the other day! We had the opportunity to use the hose and hear the fire engine sirens.


This has been really important for us this term. We have had great discussions in P4C and learnt how to support our friends. We have done team building exercises, such as a mirroring activity.


We have been focusing on our number sense and also the different ways we can represent numbers. We had so much fun doing a number treasure hunt! We have recently been practising adding two addends and are feeling so proud of how hard we have worked on this.


Our story has been “Lost and Found” – about a penguin who goes missing but finds friendship with a boy called Tom. We have been focusing on building positive friendships in Delaunay class and have been wonderful at supporting our partner in lessons. We have innovated our own stories based on Lost and Found, featuring characters called Willy Wonka, Loveheart, and other imaginative names!


We had a music workshop where we learnt many songs and even dance moves to go with them! We worked as a team and then rehearsed our song to sing in assembly to the whole school.


We really love art in Delaunay class. We learnt about primary colours and how to make secondary colours. We thought about how art can create a mood and that there are warm and cold colours.


A special day for us was Street Play. We had so much fun with all the activities, and even got to try a delicious berry smoothie! We can’t wait for more learning after the holiday.