At the end of last week, we went to the Royal Courts of Justice – it’s a prestigious building in the heart of London.

The day consisted of:

  • Preparing and enacting a trial based on e-bullying
  • Exploring the roles in a courtroom
  • Understanding the legal system and the various courts in England
  • Discussing and debating real sentencing options
  • Considering the purpose of the law and the justice system
  • Discussing appropriate consequences
  • Finding ways to ensure that we do the right thing and to become active citizens

It was an amazing opportunity to sit in the seats that qualified professionals sit in. Also, having the power to make life-changing decisions was quite scary.

Apart from wearing the gowns and wigs, the highlight of the day was finding out that Rihanna went to the same place as we did. Not only that, Jaffa Cake went there too because people couldn’t decide if it was a cake or a biscuit.

What do you think?



If you think you’re being bullied online, click on this link for some advice: