Hi everyone! Apologies for the very late blog post. I have been trying to get an internet connection all afternoon and have only just been able to get online (at 11:30 at night).

5B have had an incredible first day in Suffolk. I am so proud at how positive, confident and happy the children have been today.

We started the day at a playground in Rendlesham Forest. After lunch, we ventured deep into the heart of the forest where we found frogs, different types of insects and more varieties of trees than we could possibly count. The children then had to work in teams to create a den using only natural materials. Everyone developed teamwork skills and showed great maturity and resilience.

We then took a coach to the hostel we are staying at. Everyone was excited about the bunkbeds. After a fanstastic dinner we then made our way to a local park that could only be accessed by climbing through a hole in a hedgerow. The park was a massive field with playground equipment and a giant football field (I forgot the the iPad when we went to the park, so stayed tuned for pictures of it tomorrow).

We have a busy day at the wildlife sanctuary and seaside tomorrow, so everyone will be up bright and early!

All the best,

Mr Benoit