This week, Year 5 went on a trip to the Science Museum in Central London! We are learning all about S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) this term, so we went to the museum to learn more about our topic.






When we arrived, we got to take part in a workshop called ‘Engineering Live’. We watched Lauren perform lots of different experiments. Our favourite experiments are shown below:






Experiment one was when Lauren covered her two fingers in a special material and smacked it with a hammer. What what happens (password: lansbury):

Second experiment was the marshmallow astronaut Lauren put a little marshmallow man in a vacuum and sucked out the o2 (oxygen) ….watch what happened:

The other experiment involved ten children standing on a piece of flat wood which was resting on top of many balloons! Even though the children were very heavy, the balloons were strong… but did they burst?! Watch the video to find out…

Then, we were taken to a different part of the museum and got to construct catapults. We got to meet six engineers, who helped us make them. You can watch the videos below, password: lansbury.

After lunch, we got to explore other parts of the museum. We went to two different exhibits called ‘Engineer Your Future’ and ‘Who am I?”.