4A tapped into their Philosophical sides during P4C session today. Earlier this week, they watched a film called ‘Wonder’ which explored ideas about identity, difference and acceptance amongst many other themes. Today they were asked to reflect on the film and think about a topic they wished to discuss. They chose to discuss the issue of Depression. They came up with a provoking statement about depression which they then delved deeper into. It was so refreshing to hear some of the children’s different viewpoints. Calum A. stated that depression “was a bad thing because it stopped you from being happy”. Kefayat stated that depression “made people do bad things” whereas Abbas stated that “without depression, you could not truely appreciate happiness” and Yusuf stated that actaully “depression is not so bad, it all depends on how you deal with it”. Hmmm I think even adults can take some tips from these budding philosophers!