Year 5 get ready to take the stage at Wilton’s music hall. First things first – research and brainstorming.
Charles Dickens museum written by Shah, Abiduz, Shahriar and Fahim 5B
Both classes split up, one went to the museum and one went to the park. We went to the park first and played fun games and then ate our lunch. After we went to the museum. One group went on a tour around the museum and the other group were preparing their acts. To prepare our acts we split into groups of four. We were given an idea to help create our act.

On the tour we started off in the kitchen. They kept hedgehogs as pets to eat pests that came in the kitchen. We learnt about Charles Dicken’s life. We saw his armchair and his own bed. Some people even got to touch Charles Dicken’s stuff.

At a later date, the children went to Wilton’s music hall for a stage rehearsal and to finally take to the stage. We toured around the music hall, which was beautifully decorated with chic furniture. On the tour we learnt about Champagne Charlie, John Wilton and the history of the music hall. The children performed amazing acts on stage after working with a composer and professionals.