Last week Judge Nick visited our class with Erica (a magistrate). Before we started our mock trial Nick and Erika answered some questions from the children.

These included:

  • Alex: What is the most common law broken?
  • Mumith: How do you decide if somebody is lying? 
  • Ridwan: Do you like being a judge and why? 

Our mock trial was about the theft of Betty Crocker’s handbag and Jay Williams was accused of committing the crime. Many of the children had a role in the trial, they included:

  1. Court Usher
  2. Legal Adviser (Clerk of the Court)
  3. Crown Prosecutor (Prosecution Lawyer)
  4. Defence Lawyer
  5. Defendant (the accused): Jay Williams
  6. Complainant (alleged victim) : Betty Crocker
  7. Prosecution witness #1: Ayesha Smith (Café Manager)
  8. Prosecution witness #2: Police Constable Khan
  9. Two magistrates (to sit on Bench with Judge acting as lead magistrate)

The trial found that Jay Williams was guilty of the crime and he was fined £65.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trial because it made us feel like we were in a real courtroom, especially having a real judge here.