Year 3 had some visitors from a top London restaurant yesterday. The Chef’s had heard that we were learning about healthy eating and how to keep our bodies healthy, so they offered to show us how to make a healthy version of one our favourite meals, pizza!!

First, the chef’s showed us how to make pizza dough (Top Tip! It has to be slimier than you think!) with flour and water. We watched as they kneaded and rolled the dough until it was very stretchy. They then added tomato sauce to the base. Being careful not to put too much on, otherwise it would get soggy. Then they added a variety of vegetables. The chef’s didn’t add cheese as this is the main ingredient that make pizzas a not so healthy option.

We then had the chance to decorate our pizzas with all the sliced and diced vegetables! They looked delicious!

And today we are going to use our clay oven in the playground gobble up our healthy snacks!