Year Three’s Trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

Last Thursday, 6th July 2017, Year 3 visited West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.

The day started off really early with children arriving to school before 8.30am, bright and early, eagerly excited for our trip.. and what a trip it turned out to be!

The coaches were booked, trip packs had been made and all children were ready to go! by 9am, we were back downstairs waiting to board the coaches. This alone was a great experience as we rarely go on trips by coach. Mr Islam told us stories of the great old days where all of his trips as a child in primary school were with coaches! How lucky was he? He didn’t once use public transport to go on a trip..!

So there we were, aboard the coach, sitting with our friends, bursting with excitement and joy, and off we set!

The journey ahead was long, tiring and FUN! So much so that we even tired ourselves to sleep!


After 1 and a half hours, we arrived.. and what a day Mr Islam had in store for us! These are just some of the photos from the day.


Watch our video to see how much we learned and how much FUN we had:


Don’t you now wish you came with us? Maybe next time hey..