Card designs

Dart board


During WW2, children didn’t have iPads and mobile phones like most children today, Instead, they created their own fun – using paper and card because other materials were needed to make war equipment.

We noticed that the games often required a team. For example, Monopoly, chutes and ladders and card games usually require at least two players. As we are trying to work collaboratively, we designed, made and played games together. It was an enjoyable process and we would like do make some more to add to our collection.

Also, some children took pictures of the events and edited the pictures so that they looked realistic (1940’s style).

Mahtab, Syma, Yasar, Samiuel, Sajidur, Fahmida, Musab, Sephora, Faiza and Mardeeyah – on behalf of everyone in 6B.


Ropes and Spitfires – board game with WW2 related questions


Making our game

We used maths (measuring) to make our design accurate.

We gathered unwanted resources to make the dart board.

Nearly finished