We created poems and songs related to WWII.

Here are some examples:

Life of an evacuee – Mehnaz

“My theme is about the life of an evacuee, I chose this theme because children leave their families to live with complete strangers. This poem is from an evacuee’s perspective.”

I’m an evacuee, fighting for survival, fighting for arrival,

Losing my mother, father, brother and sister;

Trying hard not to get a blister

From all this pain, terror and hardship;

Worst of all was this heart-breaking trip,

Wishing for lots of peace,

Hoping for a good family at least.

What I need is a friendly face.

This war – what a disgrace!

Now it is time for me to go,

But I won’t give up with all this sorrow.


Farewell – By Syma

Farewell my darling; farewell my dear.

Who knows when I will see you,

Perhaps in a year.


Farewell to the soldiers – who slept on boulders.

They’re probably pushing up the daisies

Whilst we’re sitting here being lazy.


Farewell to the peaceful land,

Where we once ran and screamed.

I remember when we younger – it feels like a dream.


Now yesterday has gone,

It’s time that we moved on.


Alphabet Blitz Poem – Salma

Air raid shelters flying around,

Bombs hitting objects – destroying the ground.

Children are crying,

Desperate citizens are dying.

Evacuees weeping – asking for help,

“Farewell, farewell,” the parents yelled.

Girls and boys ended up in a strange place,

Hoping that they’ll be greeted with a lovely face.