Year 4 were thrilled to experience such blustery, torrid rainfall today as we embarked on a journey back in time.  We shivered, huddled together and braced ourselves against the relentless rain and wind that showered in all directions.  Suitably soaked, we huddled into the Salt Tower and met our wonderful guide, who claimed to be from the year 1543.  We had our doubts, but humoured her as she described in great detail the horrid times under the reign of King Henry VII.  We observed the minute silence at 11am with the utmost respect for all of those involved in the tragic recent events.

Alas, lunch arrived and we hurriedly hunkered into the lunch hall and devoured our feasts of Hula Hoops, Tuna sandwiches and cold pizza.  It was a banquet fit for a king.

After lunch, we looked around the Crown Jewels, they shimmered only slightly brighter than the jewellery seen at Chrisp Street Market.  All in all, we were enjoyed ourselves but were thankful of the warmth and dryness of our classroom upon our return to Lansbury Lawrence!