In Year 5 Lichtenstein Class, we have been involved in an exciting new competition. A landscape architect has been coming into our class to help us redesign the secret garden area of the school.

Her name is Hanna Salomonsson and she has told us all about the career she has chosen, including what it involves. We have even been shown some of her fantastic finished projects!  She will be coming to work with us until May, and during the sessions, we will be designing a new, exciting look for the garden, which hopefully we can can bring to life if we win the competition!

In the first session, we looked at the area, and decided what we liked and disliked about it. We made masks to show our feelings, then discussed why we felt that way.

Everyone one in the class felt that there was a lot to improve, and that we needed to make some creative changes.

In the second session, we took measurement of ourselves, and these helped us to measure the different sections of the garden outside. We also started to generate some ideas about changes we could make.

We are all looking forward to session three tomorrow-creating ideas and designing! We will keep you up to date with further developments!