The nature garden has had a makeover; it is now a great place to play creatively.

Being outside has been extremely fun because we have been working as a team to improve the nature garden.

“It all started when Sanjida and I found a broom and asked if we could use it to remove the rocks and dirt.” ~ Khadija.

Every day, we rushed over to the garden area, put gloves on and removed anything that we thought was ‘unsafe’.

To make it look attractive, we used natural resources to decorate the area. For example.we used pine cones to hang on the branches.

We are still working on it and will be maintaining the area occasionally.

Look out for our next adventures.

Eliza, Fahmida, Faiza, Mehnaz, Khadija and Sanjida.

Removing the dirt.

The team.

How wonderful is it now!


We used these to decorate the area.