Hello again! This week’s blog features both parents and children working together to make different crafts.

Throughout the year, we will be reading different stories and doing lots of activities in class around the story. When we come to the end of working with one story, we will invite the parents into the classroom and the parents can work with their child to create something related to the story.

The story we have been working on presently is “The Little Red Hen”. This is story teaches us about hard-work, perseverance, and helping those around us. I think you can see all these traits in Sunflower class as they work with their parents to create masks, puppets and pictures from the story.

We’re all working hard!

We made farm scene pictures.

We made lolly stick puppets

And we carefully decorated masks.

As you can see, we all worked hard and created some lovely crafts from our Little Red Hen story.