Today, Tuesday 10th January 2017, Year 6 went to the Natural History Museum to discover facts about Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

At first, we went to the Attenborough Studio to be part of a science show. We investigated geological forces from deep within the Earth by using interactive demonstrations. It was exciting to see how the seismometer is used. After that, we made a real earthquake (it was rather scary), poured lava and predicted a volcanic eruption. Using all the information from the workshop,we were able to rescue the citizens from the catastrophe. At the end of the session, we were presented with a certificate to show that we were super scientists!

After the workshop, we went to explore the museum – the ‘Earthquakes and Volcanoes’ area. We went to the earthquake simulator to see what it would be like. It was difficult to balance! We also went to look at Pele’s hair.

Pele’s hair

Pele’s hair is volcanic fibreglass. They are strands that are formed by stretching molten basaltic glass from lava. It is very sharp and dangerous to touch.

Overall, it was a really fun trip and we learnt lots of new facts that will help us in our writing.

Year 6

Pele’s hair (volcanic fibreglass).

On our way to the earthquake simulator.

Reading and learning about rocks.

Pouring the lava.

In the workshop.

The inside of our planet.

Natural History Museum.

Fascinating facts.