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Years 3 and 4 Strings Christmas performance, joined by selected year 5 pupils. Each class has a mixture of violins and cellos.
The performance started with the awards group who are a group of 7 pupils from years 4 and 5 who excelled in their whole class lessons last year and were subsequently chosen to receive extra tuition and opportunities in music. They performed 2 pieces at a more advanced level.
They were followed by classes 3A and 3B who both sang and performed on their instruments. These pupils began learning their instruments in September and are making very good progress.
The performance ended with classes 4A and 4B. Both groups demonstrated their hard work and showed the skills that they have acquired across 4 terms of music lessons.
During the performance each group was assessed as part of the Tower Hamlets Super Strings award scheme. Both year 3 classes achieved their bronze award, both year 4 classes achieved their silver award and the Awards Group gained their gold award.
Music tutors:
Patricia Bento Tome (violin)
Siân Woodhurst (cello)
Paul Raynor
Performing Arts Leader