On Tuesday 11th July, we had the most exciting day – ever.

We went to Wigmore Hall to perform our end of year show – Recharged. Wigmore Hall is an exquisite building and we were excited about being on stage. Although we were nervous, we managed to enjoy every single moment. Lots of people attended to support us, so we had to ensure they could follow the story; we did this by projecting our voices and engaging with the audience. Our teachers said that we looked professional on stage and we felt like opera singers too.

We also watched another school perform and we enjoyed it. It was nice listening to their creative ideas. (Yasar)

It was a wonderful experience. (Samiuel)

“We like to thank Omar & Ruth for supporting us (year 5 & year 6) in writing and composing such a powerful opera. Also, our teachers for bringing out the best in us.”

Written by 6B