Following a wet beginning yesterday, we have woken up to a bright and sunny day in Suffolk. The rainy clouds have been blown away and there are blue skies as far as the eye can see.

In our hostel we have named our bedrooms with an Egyptian theme: the Queens, the Young Mummies, the Tombs, The Gizas (innit) and the Four Pharaohs.

“We had so much fun whispering until the small hours and keeping the adults awake,” laughed Tasmeah cheekily. The other Queens nodded in agreement. “But we did miss our adults,” added Maryam. “Sleepless in Suffolk,” moaned the teachers.

Our beautiful breakfast included scrambled eggs, beans, toast, chicken sausages and has browns. “I hope it’s still sunny this evening so we can play football,” grinned Samuel.

We’re currently on our way to Minsmere bird sanctuary, more updates later!