We decided to explore the theme of ‘kindness’ in a philosophical way.

Miss Drummonds started off by asking us: What would you do if you were invisible for the day?It was really interesting to see that we all had similar ideas. For example, we automatically said that we’d take all the money and play games all day.Moments later, Miss Drummonds presented a ring and said that it’s called the ‘get away with it ring’. We then had to think about what we should do if we were to find that ring and wear it.This time, the responses were a lot more positive as we all wanted to help people and be a superhero.

We really enjoyed discussing ideas and thinking about morals: It helped us to think about our thoughts and actions. 6B are ready to demonstrate kindness at all times – because we agreed that our actions are more powerful that our thoughts.

Here are some questions that we discussed:

  • If you won’t be found out, should you do what ever you like?
  • Are we only good because we’re scared of being punished?
  • Are we only good because we want to be praised?
  • How would you feel if you acted badly without punishment?
  • How would you feel if you acted well without praise?
  • Why be good? Why be good without punishment or praise?
  • What is a good person?
  • Is a good person someone who is never punished or always praised?
  • Is a good person someone who follows the rules?
  • Is a good person someone who does good acts?
  • Is a good person someone who has good thoughts?
  • What are good rules? What is a good act? What are good thoughts?
  • Are there different kinds of goods, e.g. those that lead to good outcomes, those good in themselves, and both?
  • Can you be a good person even if you do bad things?
  • Can you be bad person, even if you do good things?

Opening questions

Sharing ideas.