Year 3 are learning all about Lengths and Perimeter for the next couple of weeks.

We got immersed into our learning on Thursday when we had to work in groups on some fun activities linked to lengths and perimeter.

Goldilocks and the Bears of different lengths!

Did you ever think that Goldilocks could be part of our Maths learning? No.. Well think again. We started off with a task to draw the three bears but they had to be drawn to an exact length. Now, this wasn’t as easy as it seems because we weren’t just drawing straight lines. We had to make sure the whole bear was accurately drawn at the given lengths!

Fun with Fish!

We then had to measure different tropical fish from the nose to the tail, to the nearest half centimetre! But we’d only learnt to measure in whole centimetres.. Oh no! Well, not to worry, part of the learning is to make mistakes and learn from our friends.


Don’t know what perimeter is? Well keep reading to find out..

Iron Man’s Body Parts

We walked into the class to find Iron Man’s body parts on the tables! Who had done this?  We had to be detectives and find out the perimeters of the body parts.

Letters and names

You can try this at home. Using centimetre squared paper, we drew the initials of our names. Then we measured around each side of the letters and added the sides together to calculate the perimeters. After colouring them in, they look great on our display.


After all this fun learning, we created a superb working display showing off all that we learned.