Our topic this half term is Parliament.  We believe it is very important to know and be aware of how parliament works and to discuss and actively explore the fundamental principles of democracy and British Values.

We worked in groups and created our own political parties in class and wrote Manifesto’s to promote our parties view.  We used persuasive language and emotive vocabulary to persuade our fellow class mates to votes for us.  Each week a new party is voted into power, their responsibilities include:

  • All class jobs – handing out books, sharpening pencils, cleaning the library, register monitor and supporting lining up
  • Selecting, writing and then reading out in assembly ‘Class mate’ and ‘Learner’ of the week
  • Peer mentoring
  • Ensuring class expectations are always followed.

Here are a few of the party names – Legendary Labour, Riley Party, Grammar Elite and The Majority.


Looking at those faces below, who would you vote for?