Welcome to the Lansbury Lawrence Primary School website. We are a successful, multi-cultural nursery and primary school in the heart of Poplar in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We have 2 forms of entry from Reception to Year 6 and we have a very large nursery of 150 pupils.

We apply our Growth Mindset to everything that we do; whether we’re making friends, solving a maths challenge, telling a story or building our imagination. It gives us high expectations of ourselves and each other.  All of our staff and pupils understand that by being ambitious, looking for challenges and working hard, we can go further and do better.  (read more)

3A learn about light and reflection

This week, 3A have been learning about light and reflection. They conducted a scientific inquiry in which they explored what happens to light when it is shone on different surfaces. The used a torch and mirrors to reflect light from one surface to another, learnt that light only travels in straight lines so they angled a series of mirrors to see if they could make light bend around an object! They learnt lots of interesting facts about light so make sure you ask them to share one with you!

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Little Red Riding Hood Puppets

Poppy Class made peg doll puppets of Little Red Riding Hood in their art session this week. They developed their fine motor skills through cutting and sticking, and made creative decisions about materials to use and how their puppet should look....

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Whatever Next?

Sunflower Class have been reading the story 'Whatever Next', we decided to make spaceships in the garden using soft blocks and different materials. What do you think? We acted out the story to our friends in Bluebell and Blossom class with our costumes on. We became...

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The 3 Billy Goats Gruff in Bluebell Class

  This term in Bluebell we will be learning all about the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. So far we have listened to the story, made our own storymaps, acted out the story using props, built bridges for the goats to go over, drawn the characters and even eaten lots...

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