Our Nursery


We have our own designated site for our Nursery children, providing an exciting area for them to settle and develop during their early stages of life. The classrooms are equipped with a range activities that provides a multi-sensory environment to give them best start in life.

The nursery children have their own play area and each room have four members of staff, enabling close relationships to be formed and vast learning opportunities to be provided. This room provides a bright, stimulating, welcoming environment, in which they can explore, have fun and learn through play.

We welcome children to start in the Nursery from the age of 3 years. Nursery children can attend part time or full time, depending on the needs of the parents, we also offer the 30 hours provision during Nursery hours for those eligible.

Taking a walk through our nursery garden


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Self-Portraits in Bluebell Class

Self-Portraits in Bluebell Class

This week in Bluebell Class we have been making self-portraits. We looked in the mirror and talked about the shape and colour of our faces. We noticed that we are all different. We carefully mixed the colours and tried to create the same colour as our own...