Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great summer. It’s lovely to see the children back in school, all settled in their new classes. There are lots of exciting learning themes, trips and events planned for this half term, which we are really looking forward to sharing with you.

This year we have a new behaviour policy and our new Lansbury Lawrence School Rules:

  • Be respectful – being respectful to everyone in our community  
  • Be safe – keeping yourself and others safe 
  • Be committed – be committed to your learning in the classroom and beyond 

These were introduced to the children on Wednesday and we’ve been following them all week.

We’ve also introduced ‘Philosophy for Children’ across the school. This to help our children understand what they think and believe and feel confident to express it. It also helps them to understand what other people think and believe -so important for all of us in a complicated world. Read to the end to find out about Kahlo’s first steps.

Architecture in Schools Award

We ended last year with a brilliant celebration. Well done Year 4 for winning the ‘Most Buildable Design’ prize at the Architecture in Schools Awards. On the last day of term lots of our families came to the awards ceremony at Canary Wharf, and the children were both confident and articulate while sharing their ideas about architecture and design on stage.

Talking of celebrations, the first date for your diary this year is Tuesday 25th September, which is our International Day. We would like to invite you to share a dish of International food, and celebrate the official opening of our Edible Garden and Early Years playground. We are incredibly proud of both our community and outside learning areas, so this will be a fantastic event. More details to follow soon.

Class trips are starting next week, with Year 6 visiting the Houses of Parliament. Please do remember to send your child to school dressed for the weather and with sensible footwear on trip days.


Tuesday 11th September

Year 6 trip to the Houses of Parliament

Tuesday 25th September

International Day

official opening of the Edible Garden and Early Years Playground

Wednesday 3rd October

Year 3 trip to the Natural History Museum

Tuesday 9th October

Year 5 trip to the British Museum

Thursday 11th October

Year 2 trip to the Monument

Friday 19th October

Last day of the half term

P4C – Philosophy for Children

During our first week back to school, Kahlo class got philosophical. We discussed choices between four options…

Would you rather:

a) have unlimited fast food for life

b) provide shelter and food for 1 week for homeless people across the world

c) receive one million pounds

d) meet a real life dragon!

Angel said, “I choose to provide shelter and food for the homeless, because my parents can give me pocket money already. The dragon’s breath might injure me and set me on fire!”

Zian agreed with Angel, adding that “takeaway food is not healthy for you at all.”

Samiha commented, “I chose to receive the money, because I can give it homeless charities, which can provide food and clothes.”

We all shared our opinions, and listened respectfully to each other.