Dear Parents and Carers

This week has been our first Science Week of the year, with lots of science learning taking place across the school. Year 3 went on a trip to the Natural History Museum to learn about rocks and fossils, year 1 are learning all about the seasons, and year 6 have been investigating shadows… read below to see the conclusion they reached.

A Scientific Shadow of Doubt

Peggy Angus Class investigated how light rays from the sun affect the length of shadows throughout the school day. Our main item of equipment was the sun, which thankfully remained usable for the whole period of measuring.

Every half hour, a group of three students went outside to measure the length of the shadow created by their 30cm ruler.

These results were then tabulated, and put into a graph.

Using our data, we concluded that as the sun rises up to it’s peak, the shadow length decreases. This is because the angle of the light rays from the sun increases as the earth spins on its axis. Thankfully, this is what most other scientists think too!

Mark-Making in Nursery

In order to develop our ability to write we need to do lots of different mark-making activities. Here is one way we made marks in Sunflower class this week:

  • Start by covering some marbles in paint.
  • After that, lift up the tray and tilt it back and forth to roll the marbles around on paper.
  • When finished, you have a beautiful marble painting!


Tuesday 9th October

Year 5 trip to the British Museum

Thursday 11th October

Year 2 trip to the Monument

Friday 19th October

Last day of the half term